Monday, March 10, 2014

How Plumbing Technology Has Evolved In Recent Years

When sewers and drains were first invented it probably didn’t take long for someone to cause a blocked drain. You can bet that all sorts of instruments crude in their nature were used to resolve the drainage problems, and as times moved on specialist tools were brought in to start a service that every home needs once in a while.

Plumbing technologies have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years thanks to large investments made in the type of technologies that the environment calls for. Green energies, such as energies that is both cheap, environmentally friendly as well as being sustainable have seeped their way into all aspects of home technology.

Green heating options

Plumbing is no different, and with so many new technologies to look forward to, heating, cooling and even flushing the toilet in your home can be much cheaper in the years to come. when it comes to heating water around the home, there have been major leaps in technologies such as photovoltaic or solar powered devices. Not only can residential properties and small businesses benefit from green investment opportunities, but to also bring themselves into energy independency.

Whilst this technology may seem like a dream come true when it comes to lowering your household or commercial bills, other technologies have emerged to perform the simple tasks around the home that require a little more elbow grease. A blacked drain is a blocked drain and whilst many people may think that only chemicals or a rod may resolve your drainage problems, there have been advances in unblocking technologies too.

Endoscopic inspection cameras

Due to the cheapness of the components many small residential companies have been using endoscopic cameras fitted to cables to allow them to see into your drains and understand what is going on. This wasn’t always the case, and when a severe blockage was found it often meant digging up entire pipes to resolve the issue.

These small cameras attached to cables are able to get right to the heart of the problem with their design coming from use in the medical field. Inspection of deep piping around your home or commercial property on a regular basis is one service many drain health companies can offer you. Not only can they inspect your pipes to help clear any issues, they can also help to prevent build-up of debris of all kinds.

Other technologies designed to help unblock your drains and give your plumbing system a new lease of life may come in the form of the chemical unblocking agents used today by domestic and professional services. You will find multiple products that contain specific help to unblock fats, oils, paper and other debris much better than previous liquids and solutions could.

These advances in plumbing technology have helped made all of our lives easier. Regular inspection of your entire system is a great way to keep your pipes fit and healthy. Why not book your local plumber to inspect your system and see the latest technology in action before your eyes.

Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Avoid Blocked Pipes around the Home

One of the most common problems found anywhere around the home is a blocked pipe. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, a blocked pipe can cause all sorts of problems if not dealt with quickly, as not only can a blockage cause a foul odour, but in many cases can have knock-on effects that can permanently damage other pipes around the house. In warm areas around the home, blocked pipes can also represent a health risk as bacteria starts to multiply causing yet more headaches, so how do you solve a problem like a blocked pipe?

With a few simple steps you can solve these issues and help ensure that your water system around the home is in good working order. With a few regular inspections required keeping tabs on your water pipes will save you much hassle further down the road and ensure that you minimise damage and health risks accordingly.

In the kitchen, make sure that no food waste or other material slips its way down the sink hole. Those small scraps of food can soon add up to a blocked pipe somewhere down the line, so make sure that you have fitted a simple sink hole strainer to catch small debris from entering the pipes. It is also important to never drain any fat, oil or cooking fluids down the drain as the substances tend to harden within the pipes and give of a foul smell. Simply allow the fats and oils to solidify in a cool place before disposing in the garbage with other larger items.

In the bathroom is it important to also fit hair and debris guards to all drainage pipes such as sinks and showers. This will ensure that any hair, cotton buds, beauty products and toothpaste lids do not accidentally fall down a drainage hole. Hair can quickly cause a blocked shower, so it is best to catch it on the surface, rather than blocking a pipe a couple of metres down the drain requiring urgent professional assistance. Make sure that cotton buds, medicine bottles and other solid objects are kept away from all sinks and toilets to avoid anything accidentally falling down and causing a blocked shower or sink.

The majority of blockages in and around the home occur due to lack of inspection. So make sure that you regularly check all pipes and systems for blockage – especially in high risk areas such as the kitchen sink and the bathtub and or shower drain. Scrub, wash and rinse any problematic areas with hot water and a simple disinfectant will resolve many simple blockages, and should be tried before any stronger household chemicals are used.
If you tend to use a stronger household drain and sink unblocking detergent, ensure that you fully read the instructions printed on the label. Many strong sink and drain unblocking fluids such as gels or powders express exact methods of utilisation and are necessary for safe use, not only for your health but for the health of your pipes, too.

If all else fails, call one of the many professional plumbers and drain experts who can guide you through the process. It is often a good rule to have regular inspections of your pipes to ensure that everything is in good working order, giving you peace of mind and a longer lasting, more durable plumbing system in the future.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wackiest Toilet Designs Ever Created

We have all visited a few decidedly weird toilets when abroad, but when it comes to toilet design it seems that nothing much has changed since the days of Thomas Crapper. All of that has changed in recent years, with many designers trying their best to reinvent the classic toilet in their own ways. Many of these modern takes on an old design look to introduce a little technology, artistic flair, as well as allow people to look differently at the way we use the humble toilet.

 5. The Swarovski Diamond Toilet

This Swarovski diamond-encrusted toilet is definitely one for those who need a little more luxury in their bathroom. Featuring hundreds of thousands of Swarovski diamonds, this toilet was announced as the successor to the all chrome plated toilet and adds a little bling to an otherwise bland piece of furniture. With an eye-watering price tag of $75,000, this is one toilet that should be used just for special occasions.

The Swarovski diamond toilet

  4. The Intelligence Toilet II
This impressively advanced toilet features all of the usual features you’d come to expect from a regular toilet such as comfortable seat, a flushing system and a certain air of understatement amongst toilet aficionados. But the Intelligence Toilet II comes with a hefty user manual that will soon tell you this is one toilet that is smarter than most home computers.

The Intelligence Toilet II

Specifically designed for female toileteers, the Intelligence Toilet II from Toto features electronic measurement of blood pressure, urine sugar levels, weight and even body fat. If that wasn’t enough, the impressive amount of bar graphs and pie charts that help measure a woman’s body temperature and hormone balance to help with menstruation charts makes this high tech toilet top of the list when it comes to toilet designs of the future.

3) The Fish Tank Toilet

Now you can own your very own rock star toilet filled with real live fish in the cistern! These toilets have been growing in popularity as a means to both save water and to provide a little entertainment during toilet time. By sinking a separate tank inside the cistern itself, many litres of water is being saved every time the tank refills, and ensures that the fish will be kept safe and secure in their own separate enclosure.

The fish tank toilet

2) The Motorcycle Toilet

This ingeniously different design that has been making people’s heads turn takes a new look at an old design. Being designed to simulate the riding experience of a motorbike, this new-fangled toilet seats its Easy Rider in a reverse motion and allows the user an efficient seating position that contributes towards an optimum evacuation of the bowels.

The motorcycle toilet

1) The Lovers Toilet

For those romantics at heart, this tin toilet allows any couple to go a little further than holding hands at the park and sharing a romantic kiss under the moonlight. Whilst most people may be shocked into imagining sharing a meaningful conversation over a dump, but it seems like there is a market for this twin toilet. At least if the possibility of a stimulating conversation subsides, you could always pass the newspaper to a grateful recipient.

The Lovers Toilet

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